Looking to flip homes, we can help you find the right property

Now is the time to Invest! 

We have extensive experience and the know-how in locating investment properties that make good candidates for home flipping.

We can find the best investment property for you.

Low interest rates and pent up demand have persuaded many buyers back into the market.

If you think that, many buyers are out of the market due to credit issues you are wrong.

If a person has kept their credit clean, they could purchase another home with FHA financing in as little as 2 years after bankruptcy, 3 years after a foreclosure.

Many of these buyers are looking for move-in ready homes.

Did you know that In 2003, HUD enacted an anti-flipping rule that prohibited FHA financing on a home that had been sold within the last 90 days?

The intention of the anti-flipping rule was to stop illegal flipping, this turned out to inadvertently hurt legitimate investors.

HUD’s anti-flipping rule has been waived until the end of 2014.

Home values are inching up due to this increase in demand, Buy Now before home prices go up!

Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or a novice,

We can help you buy an investment property in the Fredericksburg Area

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