Buying a home – 3 steps to get started

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3 Tips to help you start your homebuying process.

Buying a home is exciting, but it’s not always the easiest process to start.
There are several things that you should do to get started in the home buying process and to make the process move much more smoothly.

Step 1

Contact the Nance Team, we are familiar with all of the latest financing options for first-time home buyers. Many are available with low down payments and some with no down payment if you qualify.

We will explain the buying process to you and help you locate a loan professional to get you pre-qualified for a home loan.

Step 2

Get pre-qualified for your home loan up front
This will let you know what types of homes you can afford, what your monthly payment would be and how much money you will need to purchase a home.

Begin to think about how much home you can honestly afford.

We have all had times when we might think, “Oh, $20 here and $50 there won’t break the bank”

Unfortunately, that can leave you with little money for a down payment.

Step 3

Research neighborhoods

Location is one of the most important things on most people’s list of needs when looking for a home.

You should also check into things like schools, shopping, and proximity to your place of work.

All of these things are very important and will likely influence how much you really like the home.

Some of these things may not seem very important when you are renting, but usually are when you plan on buying a home.

The Nance Team has the tools and resources to help answer your questions.

These three simple steps will help trim days, maybe even weeks off of the home buying process.

These are just a few of the things we suggest to start getting ready to purchase your home. If you would like to talk about these further, contact us at any time  at (540) 373-7474.

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